A Comprehensive Guide to Summer Cocktails

It’s about time to usher in the warm weather with seasonally appropriate cocktails (and mocktails). From refreshing spritzes to tropical-tasting combinations, there is no shortage of creative recipes for the home mixologist to try this summer.

The Gold Coast


2oz Wheat & Honey Oak & Eden Whiskey

Martinelli's Apple Cider

Dried Apple Chip

Method: Pour Wheat & Honey into a Collins glass and fill glass with ice. Top with Martinelli's sparkling apple cider and apple garnish.

Empress Lavender Haze


2 oz Empress 1908 Gin

1 oz Lavender Honey Syrup

2 oz Lemonade

Lavender Sprig

Method: Fill a stemless wine glass with crushed ice. Shake lemonade and syrup on ice and strain into the glass. Layer Empress 1908 Gin on top and add more crushed ice. Garnish with a lavender sprig.

Cierto Aire Libre


1 1⁄2 oz Cierto Tequila Private Collection Reposado

1⁄2 oz Fresh Lime Juice

1⁄2 Mayan Honey Syrup

1 oz. Champagne

Method: Add all ingredients (minus Champagne) and shake with ice until chilled. Strain into a flute glass, top with Champagne and garnish with a lemon twist.

Lillet Blanc Spritz


3 parts of Lillet Blanc

3 parts of Soda Water

Recommended garnish: slice of orange

Method: Shake Lillet Blanc and soda water with ice, strain into a white wine glass filled with ice. Garnish with either slice of orange.

Porto Tonico

2oz Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry White Port

4oz Tonic (preferred: Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic)

Method: Combine ingredients and garnish with a lemon wheel.

Filthy Cherry Pimm’s


750ml Pimm’s No.1 (25.4 oz)

8oz Filthy® Margarita Mix

2oz Filthy® Black Cherry Syrup 12oz Ginger ale

12 Cucumber slices

12 Lemon slices

12 Orange slices

Garnish with Filthy® Black Cherry

Method: Fill a pitcher with ice and add all ingredients, first the fruit then the liquids. Stir then pour over a wine glass with ice. Garnish with slices of cucumber and lemon, and a Filthy® Black Cherry.

Busy Little Bees


1 1/2 oz. Garrison Brothers HoneyDew Bourbon

1/2 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

1/2 oz. Lavender Syrup

2 Dashes Orange Bitters

Lavender Sprig and Lemon Wheel garnish

Method: Combine ingredients in a shaking tin over ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a lavender sprig and a lemon wheel.

Isla Feeling


2oz Kasama rum

1oz 'Isla Sauce'

1oz pineapple juice

1oz orange juice

1 dash of orange bitters 1oz grenadine

Lime wedge for garnish

Method: Combine ingredients and shake over ice. Add grenadine, ice and the shaken cocktail into a glass in that order and garnish with a lime wedge.

Summer Garden Flower Lemonade


The Qi’s Floral Tasting Collection (variety flower box)

2 Shangri- La Rose

2 Royal Chrysanthemum

2 Blue Lotus

6 cups of Boiling Water (ratio: 1 cup of water per 1 flower tea)

6 cups of Lemonade (we used store bought, but you can make your own if you want something extra fresh)

Optional (add your fav Gin) and create a flower lemonade cocktail

Optional use small flowers as additional aroma/floral notes and garnish

Method: Add 2 of each flower tea (Rose, Chrysanthemum, and Blue Lotus) to a large vessel. Pour in the 200oF boiling hot water. Allow your flowers to steep for at least 5 minutes. Let the flowers cool down naturally or by adding ice. Add equal amount lemonade to your flower infusion. Add your desired amount of Gin for the cocktail version. Serve to impress!

Cool Cat Grapefruit Wine Cocktail

Find Cool Cat near you here. Chill. Open. Enjoy.

Lo-Fi Lotus


2 oz Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth 1 oz dry sake

1 oz gin

Method: Build over ice in glass and lightly stir to mix. Garnish with cucumber slice.

Ardbeg Daiquiri


2 oz Ardbeg Ten Years Old 3/4 oz lime juice

1/2 oz simple syrup

Method: Add all liquid ingredients to a shaker tin, with ice. Shake cocktail and fine strain into a coupe glass, garnish and serve.

Agua Fresca


1.5 oz 1800 Cristalino (Drizly & ReserveBar) Watermelon Cubes

Pineapple Cubes

.5 oz Lime Juice

.5 oz Mint Syrup

.5 oz Filtered Water

Method: Combine all your ingredients into a Collins glass, fill the glass with ice, and stir. Garnish with a few cubes of watermelon and pineapple on top with a mint sprig.

Belvedere Floral Vodka Spritz


1 oz Belvedere Vodka

1 oz Rose Wine

1 oz Soda Water

1 oz Tonic Water

Dash Grapefruit Liqueur

Small Pinch Salt

Method: Build all ingredients in a wine glass over cubed ice and stir gently to combine. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit and a sprig of thyme.

Lemongrass Paloma


2 Oz Milagro Plata Tequila

1⁄2 Oz Lime Juice

1⁄2 Oz Pink Grapefruit Juice (Strained) 1⁄2 Oz Lemongrass Syrup*

Q Mixers Club Soda

*Lemongrass Syrup: In a saucepan, add 1 cup of chopped lemongrass for every quart of simple syrup. Simmer over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Remove from heat and let steep for an additional 10 minutes. Fine strain, then bottle and refrigerate

Method: Shake all ingredients except the club soda and strain into a half-salt-rimmed, stemless wine glass. Top with club soda. Garnish with a lemongrass stalk. Recipe Courtesy of The Seasonal Cocktail by Jason Hedges, Beverage Director of Laurent Tourondel Hospitality and Co-Founder of Bar-IQ.com.

The 34 CKTL & Co.

1.5 oz Gordon’s

1 oz Cointreau

0.75 oz Lemon Juice 1 oz

Raspberry Syrup

Method: Add all ingredients to a shaker tin with ice and shake. Double strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with dried citrus

D’USSE Sunray


1 Part D’USSÉ VSOP Cognac 1 Part BACARDÍ Cuatro Rum 1 Part Fresh Lime Juice

1 Part Pineapple Juice

1⁄2 Passion Fruit Purée

Method: Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into an ice-filled highball glass.

Spicy Watermelon Refresh


1.5oz Ten To One White Rum

1.5oz Fresh Watermelon Juice

.25oz Fresh Lime Juice

.25oz Ancho Verde Liqueur or muddled Jalapeño .25oz Agave Nectar

Garnish: Fresh Jalapeño and Flaky Salt

Method: Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into rocks glass. Garnish with a jalapeno slice and Tajín. Celebrate with friends.

The Matterhorn


1½oz Casa Dragones Joven Tequila  

½oz Yzaguirre Roja Reserva Vermouth  

½oz Amaro Meletti  

Method: Stir with ice for 20 seconds. Strain into glass. Mist with Parfum. Garnish with rosemary sprig and 1 mist of gold dust.

Served at Overlook Lounge at Wynn Las Vegas

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