BIPOC Mentorship Program for Students & Recent Graduates of Marketing & Communications

The PR Net BIPOC Mentorship Program is a mentorship and career development program led by industry founders and senior executives, to advance BIPOC students and recent graduates in the field of marketing and communications.

The program will offer invaluable mentoring and coaching by leaders in various practice areas, with a view to gain the program participants practical skills to aid their careers and paid employment on completion. The mentors will leverage their connections and make introductions for job positions following the course.    

It is an 8 week program, with one to two hour long weekly sessions between mentors and their mentees. The syllabus will cover topics that prepare mentees for entering the workforce, educate them on current industry conditions and best practices, offer assignments and practical work experience and provide a real world, empirical understanding of how to break into and progress in the industry.    

Participants can select from their preferred specialty areas and will be matched with a suitable mentor. These include a variety of sectors within marketing and communications, such as fashion, beauty, wine and spirits, architecture and design and corporate communications, among others.  

Who is Eligible?

Applicants must identify as BIPOC and should ideally have either recently graduated (up to 2 years out), or be undertaking their final two years of college or university studies in a field relating to marketing and/or communications. They may also have equivalent work experience in the field.

Mentors 2022 

APPLICATIONS FOR 2023 OPEN NOW. Click here to apply. 

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