Beauty Trends to Watch in 2022

New year, new trends: from products made popular on social media to inclusive brands and shifts in marketing, there's plenty to watch for in the buzzing beauty industry this year. We tapped the experts for their predictions on the top trends to rule 2022. Read on for their forecast of what you might be adding to your beauty cabinet or routine in the coming months. 

Trend: TikTok made me buy it 


"Microtrends that emerge from social platforms will continue to be a key component of beauty influence, as we discover products, application techniques and newness from viral content. Just think of the e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze, Sun Bum Face Mask or Moroccanoil Color Depositing Masks that saturated feeds last year. As marketers, we're both looking to create these surround sound moments for our clients, as well as be tuned in to them as they emerge to ensure our brands can authentically be part of the wave. It's such real-time beauty influence - more exciting and timely than ever before. Deepening this trend one step further from 2021, I anticipate that brands will continue to look to community influence in their product development and innovation, ensuring their newness is a reflection of social conversations and sharing." -Liza Suloti, Co-Founder & Chief Communications Officer, SHADOW

Trend: Amplified self-care and wellness

Fleur De Lis Beauty & Esthetics (First and Last PR Client)

"We’re no longer dedicating just one day each week to taking better care for ourselves, rather, re-prioritizing our personal routines to include proper self-care and wellness habits. With the uptick in on-camera meetings and remote work-from-home scenarios, self-care is no longer an optional activity but a must for all. This includes at-home and professional treatments like the uber popular IV Hydration Drips recently launched at medspa Fleur De Lis Beauty & Esthetics, which can boost everything from immunity with vitamin C, zinc and cold fighting antioxidants to the FDL Amino Blend Shot that helps boost metabolism and physical performance. Consumers will continue to take wellness into their own hands as a top priority for looking and feeling good." -Stephanie Scott-Bradshaw, CEO & Communicator-in-Chief, First and Last PR

Trend: Sustainability

"Sustainability will continue to be a huge trend well into 2022. While it's been gaining traction for years, COP26 and major climate disasters expedited the urgency of how brands tackle this. It's no longer a nice-to-have but now a need-to-have for all beauty brands to ensure that they are incorporating a sustainability pledge into their values. That said, consumers are incredibly savvy and will pick up on brands on who are being inauthentic. Beauty brands must transparently convey what they are doing in terms of sustainability - including not only where they fall, but how they plan to improve. Brands who incorporate a holistic approach to sustainability, from everything from supply chain to packaging to delivery, will succeed in the long haul." -Lindsey Smolan, Founder, VLIV Communications

Trend: Universal design and ability-inclusive beauty


"Thankfully, this trend has been building momentum for a few years now, but it can take time for something to become mainstream. Universal and inclusive design accounts for the needs and challenges of the most diverse user group, including those with physical limitations and disabilities. But that doesn't mean that these brands are only meant for that specific niche. By designing for those who need it the most, brands like my client GUIDE BEAUTY, whose founder is a celebrity makeup artist who was diagnosed with Parkinson's and created a collection of makeup tools and products that reimagine the way we apply makeup, you end up creating a better experience for the population at large. I've loved watching fully able-bodied and highly skilled makeup artists discover GUIDE BEAUTY's products. If even these trained professionals think it's easier to apply eyeliner with GUIDE's universally designed tool, imagine what it can do for everyone else!" -Elyse Koenig, Founder, Elyse Koenig: Beauty & Wellness Consulting

Trend: Next level lips

"People are kissing their old lip kits goodbye and embracing new lip treatments. TikTokers are popularizing the lip flip (searches on Yelp were up 107%), driving many to try it out for themselves at med spas like Plump in NYC. The perfect pout isn’t only about shape – lip blushing (searches were up 130%) might save some time on your morning beauty routine as you transition back to office life. Businesses like Elite Permanent Makeup in Los Angeles specialize in the treatment." -Yelp 2022 Beauty Trend Forecast Report via Alison Brod Marketing + Communications

Trend: Nail Art

Nail Creation

"From Y2K motifs revival to cosmic scenes or nature-inspired nail art, 2022 is THE year to show off your cuticles. Homemade manicures are getting bigger, and the industry seems keen on letting everyone have a say on the matter. With Harry Styles, Machine Gun Kelly and Lil Yachty launching their own lines of unisex nail polish in 2021, the industry seems open to getting rid of its binary narrative and we should be seeing more of that in the new year." -Arthur Hajeb, Publicist, bicom

Trend: Changing Face Of The Media Landscape Through Affiliates 

“DTC brands are better positioned to thrive in the affiliate marketing boom. As magazine publishers prioritize their affiliate networks over editorial, successful established beauty brands that have never advertised but have always enjoyed a strong online business are experiencing a shift in their online sales. Where-to-buy links are entirely determined by the publisher, and magazines will direct readers to purchase from a multiline retailer—rather than a brand’s own website—whenever possible because that results in larger shopping carts, which equals larger commissions. OG magazines that used to insist on running a product first or not at all are now forgoing the exclusive and holding coverage to fit into an affiliate story in order to meet publishers’ sales goals. However, DTC brands that sell only through their own websites are finding themselves better-positioned as affiliate grows, as publishers have no other choice but to send readers to the brand’s own website for purchase. As purely editorial opportunities are changing shape, BPCM is making sure we’re offering our clients a 360-degree approach to marketing, or else surrender business to those who do.” -Erin McCaffrey, Managing Director, BPCM

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