The PR Net Next Gen, 2024: YEAR-ROUND

YEAR-ROUND is a dynamic brand marketing agency specializing in new-age PR and impactful brand storytelling. Their expertise includes social media management, creative services, strategic partnerships, and experiential marketing – bolstered with a growing team of strategists and marketing leads. At the heart of YEAR-ROUND's approach are data-driven strategies tailored to meet and surpass clients’ KPIS. Their work included propelling Fora, a travel platform on the hunt for travel advisors, to achieve an astounding 50% conversion rate during a pivotal event. Additionally, the agency collaborated with Break the Love, a tech platform reshaping racket sports, for a transformative partnership with Walmart. YEAR-ROUND executed more than 25 community events, providing over 125,000 free pickleball reservations nationwide for a year exclusively available to Walmart customers and associates; the partnership was recognized as the best brand collaboration of 2023 at the Modern Retail Awards. The team also supported Boys Club, a social club and community designed to welcome women and non-binary individuals in web3, to reach new heights with the unveiling of their Zine 02 Launch at Art Basel, earning them recognition from Vogue Business, featuring the event as one of the most fashionable events at Art Basel. YEAR-ROUND is credited with bringing the first-ever World Eating Disorder Action Day 2023 luncheon and briefing to life at the prestigious United Nations, in partnership with the National Alliance for Eating Disorders, the Mental Health Coalition, and Dove.


Alison Belilty, Founder & CEO

Notable clients:

Flamingo, Vacation, Break the Love, obé Fitness, Gurney's Resorts, Byte, Fora, National Alliance for Eating Disorders

New client wins:

Fresh Kitchen, Boys Club, Eden Apotheke, Sunday Edition

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