The PR Net Next Gen, 2024: Wolf Craft

Wolf Craft is a specialized agency with a primary focus on design, architecture and CPG brands. At the core of their strengths is the ability to create public relations tools that are not only accessible but, more importantly, actionable for their clients. An exemplary showcase of their expertise is their collaboration with Hygge & West, where they played a pivotal role in guiding the brand's pivot from a wallpaper-focused identity to a broader home goods brand. Wolf Craft's innovative approach, initially crafted for small businesses, has garnered major interest from larger companies seeking their research-driven and adaptable content and messaging strategy. This spurred the establishment of Wolf Craft Enterprise, a new business segment catering to diverse sectors, many of which are women- or minority-owned. Notable aspects of Wolf Craft's commitment to innovation in the industry are their online courses and free bi-weekly newsletter. The latter resource serves to demystify PR processes and provide valuable insights – so much so that subscribers doubled in 2023. Wolf Craft also extends training services for PR professionals, sharing advanced techniques and insights to enhance their capabilities.


Nora Wolf, Co-Founder

Kirsten Larson, Co-Founder

Notable clients:

Level, Cat Merrick, Faye Bell, Nanu, Thread and Whisk, Carmen Ellis, Shilaice, Andrew Manuel, Sister Sister

New client wins:

Clif Family Winery, Laura Krey, Nanu, BoKea, Hello Boyko

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