The PR Net Next Gen, 2024: This by That

This by That agency specializes in providing exposure and strategic partnerships for emerging and progressive architecture firms. Over the past year, the agency has achieved notable successes, with several clients being recognized in prestigious lists and directories. As innovators in the industry, they were among the first to focus on young, independent architecture studios, offering not only PR services but also boutique design matchmaking to connect clients with projects. The agency actively promotes industry-wide inclusion through initiatives like "Studio Visits" for BIPOC-led studios and pro-bono work for organizations like Design Advocates. Their impactful campaigns include securing a Coachella art installation, achieving print publication goals, and successfully securing a multifamily housing project for Architensions, showcasing the effectiveness of their boutique agency model.


Honora Shea, Founder & Principal

Ryan Quinlan, Director

Notable clients:

CO Adaptive, Frederick Tang Architecture, Worrell Yeung, Alda Ly Architecture, MKCA

New client wins:

Michael Bennett/Studio Ker, Bernheimer Architecture

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