The PR Net Next Gen, 2024: SBPR

Boutique agency SBPR thrives on trust, creativity and community and is dedicated to amplifying emerging voices in fashion, lifestyle and art. Specializing in storytelling, the agency forges close partnerships, crafting bespoke strategies for powerful narratives. In the past year, SBPR expanded its presence in the art world, welcoming notable clients like Kristen Giorgi and Jean-Pierre Villafañe. The agency also played a pivotal role in establishing CONCORDIA, a pop-up gallery in Chelsea. Also of note: SBPR partnered with Maimoun for their inaugural West Hollywood location. SBPR's commitment to championing emerging brands and elevating Latin talent reflects its trailblazing approach; with roots in South America, the agency strives to provide a platform for Latin voices to flourish in the ever-evolving landscape of the US market, bridging cultures and creating a harmonious blend of voices within the global conversation.


Sofia Bibliowicz, Founder

Notable clients:

Machete, Santos by Monica, The Break, Jean-Pierre Villafañe, Maimoun

New client wins:

Caroline Pinney, Visionary Projects, 1 Atelier

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