The PR Net Next Gen, 2024: Momentum Talent Management

Momentum Talent Management specializes in the intersection of social impact, influence, and health/fitness, offering comprehensive support in personal branding, brand partnerships, PR and influencer marketing. One of their notable successes involved supporting Planned Parenthood of Greater New York's 2023 NYC Marathon team across their fundraising, storytelling and run coaching. Their dedication to DEI is evident in their partnerships with organizations like Bronx Burners, a predominantly Black run club, and their support for women, non-binary voices and social impact initiatives, such as the Recovery Foundation led by Zac Clark. Noteworthy client campaigns include the successful collaboration between Recovery Foundation, NYC Marathon, and Under Armour, raising over $750k, and their involvement in the Ventures Endurance Race Series, supporting 16 races across the US.


Erin Bailey, Founder & CEO

Notable clients:

Zac Clark, Release Recovery Foundation, a bachelorette contestant, Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, Ventures Endurance, leading race group in the US

New client wins:

Elise Young

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