The PR Net Next Gen, 2024: Maven Communications

Maven Communications is a boutique PR powerhouse led by veteran PR executives, delivering big agency impact with a personalized touch. Embracing remote work for operational efficiency, the team drives purposeful initiatives that lead to unparalleled results for clients across industries. Notable accomplishments include hosting 1440's Inaugural Gutenberg Summit moderated by former CNN anchor Brian Stelter. The event attracted 50+ industry leaders, reporters and experts, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NBC News and Forbes. Maven has also secured multiple awards, like Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies, for clients and orchestrated impactful events such as the CloudChef Launch in Palo Alto, leading to segments on CNN and Good Morning America. Another standout initiative from this year was the "Above the Grade" campaign for ZenBusiness, which aimed to empower neurodivergent entrepreneurs. The campaign included a data-driven survey, highlighting neurodiversity as an asset in leadership and fostering entrepreneurship among underrepresented groups. This endeavor garnered coverage in tier-one media outlets including Forbes, Associated Press, Yahoo, and more, reaching an audience of over 387 million. Maven’s strategic launch of Mackie’s DLZ Creator established the company as a dominant player in the podcasting industry by targeting untapped demographics, notably college students, through a groundbreaking partnership with Emerson College. This campaign resulted in widespread media coverage in outlets like TechCrunch and Entrepreneur, and equipped emerging content creators with the resources for success. When it comes to passionate and purposeful brands, Maven Communications has the focus, commitment, and creativity to develop a long-lasting story that sets them apart from the competition and breaks through the crowded and noisy media landscape.


Angela Nibbs, Founder & CEO

Notable clients:

1440, CloudChef, ForwardAI, Origin, SixFifty, Thirstie, Versium, Wilson Sonsini, Zazzle, Zip

New client wins:

Mackie, The Leadership Consortium, ZenBusiness

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