The PR Net Next Gen, 2024: MBA Partners LLC

Specializing in beauty, health and wellness, MBA Partners celebrated significant successes in the past year, with three clients winning Allure Best of Beauty Awards: Glomance for Cleanser, Muri Lelu for Clean Beauty, and hOURS Haircare for Mousse. Founder Bryn Kenny's unique model, drawing from editorial and in-house expertise, innovatively simulates an in-house team experience. The agency, predominantly staffed with senior-level talent, strategically crafts comprehensive programs fostering brand growth through organic press, influencer collaborations, impactful activations, events and brand partnerships. MBA Partners is dedicated to working with and hiring women and people of color, primarily collaborating with brands that have a give-back element.


Bryn Kenny, Founder 

Notable clients:

Glomance, Good Clean Wine, hOURS Haircare, Muri Lelu, Paume

New client wins:

Celebrity Dentist Dr. Jon Marashi, Alchimie-Forever Skincare

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