The PR Net Next Gen, 2024: IFP Communications

IFP Communications specializes in transforming new brands into household names, particularly in the luxury, lifestyle, fashion, beauty and food & beverage sectors. Embracing both traditional and innovative approaches, the agency's well-rounded strategies elevate industry standards. With a team attuned to current trends, IFP excels in identifying influencers and celebrities whose mission aligns seamlessly with the brands they promote, fostering authentic and successful partnerships. In the past year, IFP has achieved significant publicity for brands like Nanit, contributing to their rise as a market leader; IFP strengthened Nanit's brand credibility through the successful launch event of the Sound and Light machine, and closed 2023 with a high-profile partnership with Megan Trainor as the first celebrity brand partner. The agency also thrives in event culture, exemplified by ZIIP founder's exclusive residency at THE WELL at the Mayflower Inn and New York in January 2024, where personalized skincare recommendations and masterclasses were shared with guests.


Melissa Rosenfield, Founder & CEO

Derek Brake, Business Development & Special Projects

Kristin Marie Pernicano, COO

Notable clients:

ZIIP Beauty,, Nanit, Kinderfarms

New client wins:

Muu, Angel 

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