The PR Net Next Gen, 2024: Caro

Caro showcases a versatile range of expertise in the agency’s key practice areas: hospitality, design, and direct-to-consumer consumer products. Over the past year, Caro has achieved remarkable success by doubling its client list and continuing to cultivate robust relationships with existing clients while welcoming new partners. Caro Agency's dedication to introducing innovative brands to the market reached new heights with the successful launch of Rocco, a smart drinks fridge, a memorable event that captivated both industry insiders and consumers alike. Additional successful client campaigns from the past year include Equinox Hotels' AMAALA Resort announcement and Sixpenny's sleeper sofa winning the Domino Design Awards, enhancing brand visibility and trust.  Leadership places a high priority on the mental and physical wellness of the team, with mindful benefits like an annual retreat in Costa Rica and GymPass memberships for employees. The strategic expansion of the Caro team brings together diverse talents and perspectives, fortifying the agency's capabilities.


Caroline McKay, Founder

Notable clients:

Equinox Hotels, Sixpenny 

New client wins:

Rocco, Yardsale, The Travel Agency: A Cannabis Store, Cliik (Pre-launch)

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