The PR Net Next Gen, 2024: Bux + Bewl Communications

Bux + Bewl agency, a beauty-inclusive firm spanning hair, spa, skin, and wellness, is celebrating a year of notable achievements. With wins like Cabu Cabins and Fairmont influencer marketing projects, the agency expanded its portfolio, establishing a strong presence in the EMEA region, including representation of Oribe. In the realm of innovation, Bux + Bewl actively contributes to the beauty industry by representing CEW UK, supporting rising star talent, engaging in charitable affiliations and championing industry-wide campaigns. Their commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in initiatives such as the Get Lippy Project, a pro-bono PR campaign for charitable organizations, and efforts to offset their carbon footprint through partnerships with organizations like Ecologi. The agency's groundbreaking Metaverse Beauty Week campaign, recognized as the Best Metaverse Activation, further showcases their dedication to pushing boundaries in the beauty and marketing landscape.


Lauren Mills, Co-Founder

Kirsten Mills, Co-Founder

Joanna Spreadbury, Finance Director 

Nicola Thornton, Head of Beauty & Partnerships

Lara Casse, Senior Vice President

Notable clients:

INKEY List, Carbon Theory 

New client wins:

Symphonic M.D. US, Grown Alchemist global, And Begin UK,  Aromatherapy Associates UK, TULA UK and US, Function of Beauty UK

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