The PR Net Next Gen, 2024: Alpha Kilo

Specializing in design, arts and culture and luxury lifestyle, Alpha Kilo is known for executing collaborations and crafting real-life stories for brands through physical elements and events. A prime example is the Art+Interiors project hosted at their newly renovated London office in Mayfair. Collaborating with interior designer Alice Leigh and gallerist Georgie Grandy, Alpha Kilo showcased contemporary design brands and British artists' latest collections. The project debuted during the fall’s London Design Festival, PAD and Frieze, and was ultimately extended with new offerings through the holiday season. Focused on digital exhibitions from The Eames Institute of Curiosity, Alpha Kilo garnered notable media coverage, and also supported the launch of the Eames Institute's ninth digital exhibit, Toys & Play. Alpha Kilo also collaborated with Mortlach and Diageo Global recently, organizing a curated trip to Design Miami/ and announcing Philippe Starck as Mortlach's Creative Director – securing exclusive access for media, clients and influencers. Finally, celebrating the centenary of Triennale Milano, Alpha Kilo curated press trips, providing international media with behind-the-scenes tours and unique experiences, setting the stage for the institution's activations in 2024. 


Amanda Kasper, Alpha Kilo

Lauren Busto, Alpha Kilo

Notable clients:

Diageo, Triennale Milano, The Eames Institute, Wildland, Bernhardt Design

New client wins:

Terence Disdale Design

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