Marcomms’ Most Influential, 2023: Emily Wright

Emily Wright

Vice President of Global Communications


Emily Wright was the first communications employee at Bumble Inc., and today she serves as Vice President of Global Communications. She’s been instrumental in shaping the narrative of the organization, including her strategy and media relations work on the company’s successful IPO during the height of the pandemic. Emily is well-known for ideating and launching fresh campaign concepts that have helped shape dating culture beyond the company’s platform. For example, she was the brains behind the Bumble Bans Body Shaming campaign, which helped position Bumble as the destination for kind and respectful online dating. She also supported the company’s first ever policy work, passing a law in Bumble’s home state of Texas that makes it illegal to send unsolicited lewd images on any of their platforms. Emily helped lead Bumble’s product launch in India, in partnership with Priyanka Chopra, as well as Bumble’s “Private Detector”, an industry-first AI feature that automatically blurs lewd photos shared within chat on the company’s platforms. Prior to joining Bumble, Emily worked on the Global Communications team at Whole Foods Market where she led communications for the company’s 365 Everyday Value brand and helped position the company as a leader in natural beauty. She also worked on key founder and CEO-led initiatives, such as John Mackey’s book tour and the company’s acquisition by Amazon.

Career Highlights

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