Marcomms’ Most Influential, 2023: Carli Lampley

Carli Lampley

Chief Marketing Officer


Carli Lampley has helmed all marketing efforts and creative collaborations at APOTHEKE for nine years, and leading from the unique POV of having fulfilled a variety of roles within the brand, from creative director to operations. She’s the brains behind APOTHEKE's dozens of creative collaborations over the years, from partnerships with the likes of Draper James to raising the profile of visionary creatives like Girl Knew York and Leah Kirsch through collaborations. Carli's partnership prowess shows in the unexpected partnership between APOTHEKE and Shake Shack, designed to generate earned media coverage, social media impressions and drive sales; sales of the two fragrances – Burger in the Park and Shake N Fries – tripled within the first week of the partnership's inception, and multiple product drops sold out in record time. 

Career Highlights

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