Marcomms’ Most Influential, 2023: Brittney Le Roy

Brittney Le Roy

Global Head of Product & Partner Communications


In her role as Global Head of Product & Partner Communications at Spotify, Brittney Le Roy has led her team through countless launches across the product, partnership and social impact spaces. Earlier this year, she masterfully navigated the launch of Spotify’s personalized AI DJ, one of the brand’s first forays into the AI space – and ensured coverage resulted in neutral-to-positive sentiment in spite of the complex AI landscape. Connecting Gen Z and Gen Alpha, two key demographic groups for Spotify, Brittney also oversaw the launch of Spotify Island on Roblox – resulting in widespread conversation and coverage in a category (brand experiences on Roblox). She has also spearheaded social impact programs for Spotify including the launch and sweeping adoption of two of Spotify's Global Equity programs: GLOW, a celebration and amplification of LGBTQIA+ artists and creators; and EQUAL, focused on uplifting women creators around the world – driving billions of streams across both playlists.

Career Highlights

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