Location: New York, NY
Field: PR/Communications
Min. Experience: 8 year(s)
Basis: Full-time


SHADOW is currently seeking a candidate to fill the Director role in its Fashion & Retail division. The ideal candidate is a highly experienced leader and multi-tasker who operates with confidence, energy and enthusiasm. Candidate must have at least eight years of experience executing PR and communications activities, possess an inside-out understanding of the fashion and retail industry, and be comfortable managing teams, counseling clients and generating results.

What You Do:

Management: As Director, you’re overseeing an entire division, encompassing as many as ten clients. You must have a clear sense of how each account is performing at any given moment, and step in as needed to support, brainstorm, and bolster impact.

Strategy: Provide strategic guidance to clients and team members on an ongoing basis - your input is expected to be founded in data, research, and a keen understanding of the cultural moment.

Prioritize: Set account priorities and communicate them accurately and efficiently to team members

Analysis: Work to define and analyze target markets and know how to position your clients to create a unique product identity.

Execute: Develop, deliver and lead strategic client programs and initiatives. You must be an innovative thinker and set the standard for creativity in your division, with ideas that you personally can set into motion using your own industry connections and credibility.

Client Correspondence: You are the first point of contact for the clients in your division, therefore serving as both the mouthpiece and the ear for your teams. You’ll be expected to absorb both praise and criticism, and filter it to your reports through actionable steps.


Confidence and charisma: Directors at SHADOW are the energetic leaders of their respective divisions - you must know how to speak, write, present and communicate so as to command the respect of your clients and inspire & galvanize your teams

Industry savviness: you must know the industry inside and out, understand the market position and direction of SHADOW’s clients in the space, and have your finger on the pulse of trends, pop culture and social media

Industry Connections: you are expected to have rich relationships across all verticals of media, and with influencers who have the ability to impact the brands under your representation

Managerial competence: you will be overseeing the work and output of an entire division, and must be comfortable operating under pressure, meeting tight deadlines, and working on multiple projects simultaneously

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