Location: New York, NY
Field: Marketing
Min. Experience: 3 year(s)
Basis: Part-time


The Eighth Floor is growing, again! We're looking for a Freelance Social Media Manager with a passion for art, fashion and lifestyle, a born leader, and doesn’t require sleep. OK, you can sleep, just not on the job! 

The candidate should be well-versed in the PR world, particularly in art, fashion and lifestyle, have great contacts with key editors across these departments, and be EXTREMELY goal oriented. The Eighth Floor promotes constant growth, and proactivity is key. 

Primary Responsibilities:

- Create innovative communications strategies that maximize brand visibility and create social media campaigns 

- Cultivate relationships with influencers for product seeding/recruit brand ambassadors 


- Superior knowledge of fashion/consumer media practices, as well a excellent track record in garnering top tier coverage in print, broadcast TV and online mediums

- Must exhibit strong writing, communication and presentation skills to effectively articulate ideas to clients, agency principals and colleagues

- Ability to multitask and maintain quality work under pressure

Please send any qualified candidates to Kulsoom at kr@ideason8.com

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