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La Marque

Meredith Melling & Valerie Boster

For those in the fashion industry, these women need no introduction, having collectively spent over 25 years at Vogue before launching their own creative consultancy, La Marque, in early 2014. The duo has lent their refined editorial point of view to brands from Theory to Carolina Herrera and celebrities such as Lily Aldridge and Karolina Kurkova. 

What does your company do?

La Marque is a creative consultancy focused on storytelling. We bring an editorial point of view by creating a definitive, clear and signature narrative that adds value and meaning to our clients' customers whether through creating digital content to styling.  
How did you start the business? What were you doing at the time?

We met at Vogue, and it was through this incredible experience and training that we saw the value in creating a platform for brands to explore and focus on their core identity.

What have been the biggest challenges and rewards of launching your own venture?

Not having the infrastructure and team that existed at Vogue and starting from scratch. Time management brings on a whole new meaning when you are only two people. We bring our undivided attention to any new project so really examining the scope of work and establishing a set schedule so we can produce the results we are proud of has been key, but so is also saying no which is hard for a start-up .

What are some of your current projects that you’re excited about?

Fashion week is always a busy time for us. We are styling a few presentations including Hellessy and Hanley Mellon as well as making sure our red carpet clients such as Lily Aldridge and Karolina Kurkova look their best for the busy month ahead.  

What changes have you noticed in the industry since you started out and how are you adapting to those in what you offer?

The way we communicate is totally different from when we started in the industry almost 20 years ago. It is more of a dialogue and consumer engagement is essential to a company’s longevity, so when considering a brand strategy we try and come up with innovative and out of the box ideas to initiate that conversation and establish brand loyalty.    

What can we look forward to from La Marque in the future?

The best part of what we do is that every project is different and no two days are the same. One day we could be producing an event and the next we are red carpet dressing for an awards show. Who knows what’s next.          


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