Brian Feit, Owner

BMF Media has quickly become known as a top innovator in an ever-changing industry, bringing together event design, music promotion, brand marketing and more. 

Owner Brian Feit answered our questions about BMF's beginnings, tips for crafting the perfect event and where he sees the company going next. 

What does your company do?  

We bring brands to life.  Through experiential marketing, we tell stories to help brands reach consumers.  Our talent and social influencer departments help us amplify the message that our experiential teams create.  At the end of the day, we create buzz and that buzz helps launch products and drive sales.
How did you start the business? What were you doing at the time? 

I moved to New York after Clive Davis wrote back to a letter and resume I sent to him.  I went to NYU and interned with Clive at Arista, and after graduating, worked at an independent record label in NYC where I wore multiple hats.  After four years at the label, I was debating going to law school or running with BMF Media and some side projects I was working on for Madonna’s Maverick record label.  My business partner Bruce Starr and I started working from my couch in my small West Village apartment.  At the beginning, I didn’t know where our next gig was coming from, we just took one step forward at a time and focused on doing good work.  When you are passionate about the work you’re doing and keeping clients happy, things fall into place.
There are a few different arms to BMF. How did those evolve, and why? 

Our services at the start were more about connecting new music artists with brands.  But the brands wanted more from BMF, and we quickly expanded to full event production and experiential, but still retaining a powerful talent department, and now a social influencer department too.  Marketing is always changing and for BMF, we want to be a full-stop resource for our clients so they don’t have to manage a dozen agencies.
What are some current projects you’re excited about? 

I love the diversity of projects at BMF.  One day we’re working on a coffee pop-up shop at a music festival, and then next designing a tastemaker event for a luxury fragrance.  There are so many upcoming projects I am excited about, but two I will mention are the pop-up shops coming this Fall for Café Bustelo in NYC, LA and Chicago.  The other is The Live Fronts, an event showcases what’s next in live streaming media, sorta like the Newfronts.
Your top five tips for creating the perfect event? 

1.      Pick a cool venue, that sets things off the right way
2.      Make sure you create an event you would like to attend (ie: no lines at the bar)
3.      Design Instagram-able moments, things guests would want to take pictures of
4.      Pick cool talent that will help create the music vibe guests will enjoy
5.      Guests love food, so don’t cheap out
Your company is 12 years old- where would you like it to be 12 years from now? 

I love what we do at BMF so I really just want more and to continue to make clients happy and have some fun while we do it all.


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