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Five Minutes With Britt Akens, Vice President of Client Services

Meet Britt Akens, Vice President of Client Services at Brandstyle Communications. She filled us in on how she started her career, the learnings from her internship days that still ring true, plus her unique, behind-the-scenes perspective of the agency's inner workings. Britt also shares the pandemic-prompted realization that we can all take a cue from.

What attracted you to this industry and how did you get your start?

I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing, which are critical skills to succeed in the PR and communications field. I studied advertising and marketing communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and throughout my four years interned at agencies in the fashion and entertainment space, showrooms and then in-house to really figure out what I wanted to do.

My last internship was at LaForce + Stevens (now LaForce) working on the fashion team, and I joined the team immediately after graduating and to this day, what I learned there impacts how I approach issues today.

What does your current role as Vice President of Client Services at Brandstyle entail?

Bigger picture, my role is to ensure client success across the agency – from building strategies that align with client priorities and pitching to secure coverage, partnerships and speaking opportunities. The other part of my job is business development – working closely with the Founder and CEO to determine what’s next.

Please share a few career highlights with us.

So much of this job is behind-the-scenes – which, for the most part, makes that end result even more rewarding. Over the last year, I would say a Wall Street Journal piece secured for a client… let’s leave it as coordinating a handful of ear piercings around the city is not as easy as it seems. Most recently, seeing an announcement piece come to life after eight months – when joining the team the client expressed that they really wanted a piece in WWD and to make it happen, despite delays outside of anyone’s control, was so rewarding.

That said, you always remember that amazing cover or seeing that NYFW show / presentation go up and the sigh of relief that comes with it.

What are a couple of current projects you’re excited about?

Right now is a really interesting time for Brandstyle. While we certainly went through our fair share of change over the last seven months, as have many businesses, it forced us to look in the mirror to see and check ourselves in a way: what are we excelling at, where can we improve, but maybe most importantly, what’s next?

As a result, Zoe and I are working together to expand our tech and consumer practices, add more dynamic team members and revisit processes that allow us to work smarter, together. While it can be a lot – it’s rewarding to see something you’re so invested in grow in front of you.

Any future goals and/or plans you’re working towards?

I’ve never been great at the work-life balance, which became even more blurred when my apartment became my office. In late-summer, I took a few days off and forced myself to not look at my phone and to just unwind – I needed that moment to recalibrate. Despite everything happening it’s imperative you take time for yourself, and it’s something that I’m not only holding myself accountable for, but also prioritizing with my team.


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