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At Home With: Ashley Simmons, Founder

On ‘At Home With,’ we virtually visit our members and catch up on their current normal. From recommended reading and podcasts to creative recipes and wellness routines, get to know the network - and maybe even come away with a little activity inspo.

Meet Ashley Simmons, founder of Simmons PR, a branding agency for Australian fashion and lifestyle brands. Having recently relocated to New Orleans, Ashley is spending her days enjoying the slower pace of life, playing with her new puppy and taking leisurely walks through her neighborhood. She shares a thoughtful book recommendation, lets us in on her future travel hopes and highlights a few simple pleasures in her current life.

What’s your usual location, and where are you currently staying? 

Los Angeles, currently in New Orleans.

Did you discover any new pastimes or creative outlets during lockdown that you’ll stick with? 

Walks! Usually I'm rushing to the gym before the office for a 45-minute class, but slowing down and walking in my neighborhood has become routine and something nice to look forward to.

Do you have any favorite podcasts, books, newsletters, etc.? 

I have just started ‘I Am My Brand: How to Build Your Brand Without Apology’ by Kubi Springer. It's been so great for my current clients and even my own branding.

What do you miss most from pre-Covid life, and what’s keeping you going right now? 

Going on spontaneous adventures. Now if I do have to travel somewhere, it is usually just for essential things and not for fun. We adopted a rescue puppy back in March and he is getting us through! Atlas is such a joy to have around, all he knows is getting to have us home all day!

What are you most looking forward to this fall? 

Hopefully being able to gather with family and friends and make up for time missed.

As travel starts opening up, where will you be vacationing first? 

Either head home to Australia to see my parents! Or, my husband and I have had our eye on a location in Jamaica - honestly, probably both!



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