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At Home With: Rachel Cole, Founder

On ‘At Home With,’ we virtually visit our members and catch up on their current normal. From recommended reading and podcasts to creative recipes and wellness routines, get to know the network - and maybe even come away with a little activity inspo.

Meet Rachel Cole, founder of Rachel Cole Art Advisory. Even with travel and museum visits restricted, she's found creative ways to engage with her favorite art world destinations over the past few months. Rachel shares those resources with us, plus what’s keeping her optimistic for the future (including a furry new addition to the fam). 

What’s your usual location, and where are you currently sheltering in place?

For March & April, I was in Rhinebeck, NY with my family and boyfriend. From May to mid-June, we came back to NYC (with a new addition to the family - a Pomeranian puppy!). And from now until the end of August, we are in Southwest Michigan at my family’s cottage (which is just beyond lovely!). 

Any new pastimes or creative outlets?

I've been doing a lot of hiking, reading, and spending much needed quality time with my family. When this all started, it was a very uncertain time for everyone, and staying calm and collected was easier said than done. Now that the dust has settled, it’s been easier to plan a bit more and I’m very excited about the future (once things go back to somewhat normal).

Do you have any favorite podcasts, books, newsletters, etc.?

artnet news - I love the articles they produce! They’re substantial, brilliant, fun, creative, gossip-y, and truly something for every type of reader (even if you’re not in the art field).

I love the museum tours online, such as the Met Museum and Louvre. They give me the same joy and familiarity I have when walking through the museums, but also make me feel a bit too nostalgic.

Lastly, right now I’m reading a biography on Caravaggio and re-reading Devil in the White City - one of my favorites.

What’s keeping you going right now?

I have a lot to be thankful for. My friends and family are all healthy and safe. My work has evolved into ways I couldn’t have imagined before, and I am grateful to still be working at this intense of a level. And, of course, our new puppy Sisi (named after the 19th-century Empress of Austria) (@sisithepom on instagram)!

What do you miss most from pre-Covid life?

Traveling!!! Attending Art Basel Switzerland and then the Venice Biennale this time last year was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Also going to museums - I miss them sooo much and I seriously took it all for granted!

Best advice you’ve received lately?

Just to take things day-by-day! I’m a huge planner (each minute in my calendar is usually filled), so when this all began not knowing how long it will be until anything resumed was really difficult for me. As mentioned before, I have a lot to be thankful for and sometimes things like this happen for a reason. With this all being said, I am super optimistic about the future of the art world and Rachel Cole Art Advisory - stay tuned!


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