Eddie Zaratsian

Day in the Life: Eddie Zaratsian, Celebrity Event Designer

On Day in the Life, we get a glimpse inside the lives of various members. From PR industry insiders to media and event pros, we follow them through a typical (read: glam but busy) day.

This week, meet celebrity event designer Eddie Zaratsian. When he's not creating one-of-a-kind productions, he's educating his audience on all things florals and design via workshops at his LA Design Studio as well as his YouTube channel. From fresh blooms IRL to dreaming up new digital content, he takes us through his typical day in LA.  

5:30am: Wake up and smell the roses 

I start my morning as I do most, going to the flower market and picking out the freshest specialty blooms available.

8:00am: Meet and prep with production team 

Rush over to meet with my team. They’re excited to see all the beautiful blooms I have for them to play with for the day. I discuss upcoming events and related buying lists and explain the design vision I have for the projects ahead, reminding them that my designs are not limited to just flowers. I then introduce what I want them to use in order to build the backdrop for an upcoming event: sequined ribbon. The team is excited for the challenge! We go over the details and discuss how lush the custom built cherry blossom trees should be in order to create drama and a breathtaking impact.

10:30am: Client consultation meeting at my design studio

This project is an exciting one: it involves a couple for whom I previously did a bridal shower, wedding and baby shower, and now I'm being asked to help design their kitchen and living area remodel. The client arrives 20 minutes late, so I already know I have to pick up the pace of the meeting so it doesn’t roll into my other meetings. We go over details of their home and overall aesthetic they want to maintain throughout the entire house. I walk her through each element and how I envision each piece playing off the other. The best part of the meeting is that she brought her adorable son with her, whose first birthday is coming up, which she also asked me to design.


1:45pm: Social media posts reviewed

We review and approve social media posts for the remainder of the week. Some of the captions need tweaking since they don’t read as my tone. Making sure my social media page is an accurate reflection of me is critical - social media is a key part of marketing my brand. 

3:00pm: Lunch time

Food is fuel and I’ve been thinking about lunch for about three hours by now... if only I could take as much time to actually have my lunch as I do thinking about it! I have the intern order something to bring back and while my team and I wait, we go through the status of my upcoming eBook. More than ever, I have been really focused on inspiring through not only creating, but also educating. I provide feedback on each chapter of the eBook so my team can keep it progressing forward. My intern is back with food from one of my favorite Middle Eastern restaurants. I have a quick bite to eat and all is good in the world again. 

4:00pm: Meeting for upcoming YouTube videos

Concept meeting and scheduling of my next YouTube video shoots. I talk through design ideas that I feel will be inspirational to my subscribers and create a buying list for my team to review and source in advance of the scheduled time we plan to shoot the next video series. I want to continue to introduce other elements of design when creating so my audience doesn’t feel limited to just flowers. 

5:00pm: Vendor consultation meeting

Rolled right into meeting with the owner of the rental company I’m using for an upcoming event where we are creating a custom dessert installation. We talk through design details and dimensions; I have him do a quick sketch of what we are talking about to make sure he has a solid idea of the overall visual of what I want, and he gets it perfectly. 

7:00pm: Design installations

I leave the office to check up on an installation I have going up for a pop-up opening at The Americana on Brand for Dose of Colors. It’s coming together great, but there is still work that needs to be done. I grab a paint brush and show the team the way I want the dripping paint to look and talk through the rest of the design with the coordinator. The plan is to meet back on site in the morning to see how the paint looks once dry.

9:45pm: Late dinner and event design discussions

Rushed over to meet a leading event coordinator to discuss our upcoming event and to walk them through my design ideas and share visuals. Great meeting, amazing dessert – hah! 

12:15am: Goodnight!

Finally, back home, I catch up on social media and try to respond to as many comments as I can and then feed my brain a bit more with some art inspiration before turning in for the night.


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