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 At Home With: Jordana Blitz, Founder

On ‘At Home With,’ we virtually visit our members and catch up on their current normal. From recommended reading and podcasts to creative recipes and wellness routines, get to know the network--and maybe even come away with a little activity inspo.

Meet Jordana Blitz, founder of Little Gem, a catering company whose fare has fed editors and influencers at events for the likes of Ralph Lauren and Valentino (PSA: now available for home delivery!). The cult-favorite caterer shares how she’s been spending her time sans event rush, including an extended reading ritual with her kids and a new appreciation for online workouts. 

What’s your usual location, and where are you currently sheltering in place?

I'm normally in the city, and am fortunate to have both my home and kitchen on the upper east side. We finished a big lunch for a fashion client on March 10, my son’s school was canceled that evening, and we fled to Delray Beach that weekend.  

Any new pastimes or creative outlets?

I used to read a short book at bedtime to my kids, but now I REALLY read with them. My son and I finished Hugo Cabret and the Wild Robot series. I never would’ve taken that kind of time with him if we were on our regular schedule. I was always working in the evenings at bedtime so that was quite a rushed process for me.

Fitness is really important to me and I was really apprehensive about the transition to online workouts. My favorite studio, Body By Simone, is offering full body zooms with Alice, so I never miss that--and sometimes it’s harder than live class! I’m also doing yoga with Kendra Thomas and stream Sculpt Society (a unique, low-impact sculpt and dance cardio workout program), Mandy DiMarzo or Rumble with Ash during the week. It’s hard to make excuses when you can get dressed two minutes before you turn the laptop on, and sweating really helps with my sanity and stress.

Do you have any favorite podcasts, books, newsletters, etc.?

Book: American Dirt

Site: The New York Times crossword and stalking @amandakloots Instagram to make sure her husband Nick is still getting better

Game: Scattegories with my crew (We make up our own categories every week. It’s hysterical.)

What’s keeping you going right now?

What keeps me going is the need to not let my team down. My amazing chefs and core servers and I have built something really important over these last four years. I need to keep them working. 2019 was off the charts for us and I’m determined to bring that back for 2021. Little Gem may look different, but the people behind the scenes who make it special need to be on this journey.

What do you miss most from pre-Covid life?

The energy and grit of my favorite city, and the rush of making it to the last course and knowing we pulled off the perfect party.

Best advice you’ve received lately?

For the perfect steak, cook in a cast iron for five minutes per side, in grass fed butter, then finish in the oven at 400 for five minutes. Perfection every time.



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