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Day in the Life: Alex Toccin, Co-Founder

On Day in the Life, we get a glimpse inside the lives of various members. From PR industry insiders to media and event pros, we follow them through a typical (read: glam but busy) day.

Meet Alex Toccin, half of the husband-wife duo behind fashion blog Stylists to a T and womenswear brand TOCCIN. Between photoshoots and marketing meetings, the working mom gets as much time as possible with toddler daughter Liv. She gives us a look at her NYC day from the time her blinds go up and the glam team arrives to her favorite dinner delivery spots.  

6:30am: I crawl out of bed to try and get in an hour of self care with some kind of workout.

8:30am: By the time I get home from a workout, Michael and Liv are up and we all play together while getting ready for the day. This is the time when you might see our infamous blinds going up in the morning and we take in the beautiful New York City views and skyline.

8:45am: At least once a month we work on shooting content for both of our businesses Stylists to a T and TOCCIN. These are definitely my favorite days. Michael and I review all the looks that we style together to make sure that everything is styled to a T. I am a huge planner so we typically have every look ready to go to make the shooting process faster. 

9:00am: It’s GLAM time. I have been so lucky to find an amazing glam team, @dolceglamournyc. She always helps me to switch up my looks for each shoot. 

10:00am: It is GO TIME. I work with talented photographers to try and shoot between 10-12 looks in three hours. We typically decide together the best location to shoot the looks and decide what is the best way to show all the details. I always make it my goal to have these images inspire our community on how they can too style these pieces in very wearable ways. I work with our marketing manager to get behind the scene.

1:00pm: I finish up the shoot and head to the office while grabbing lunch on the go.

2:00pm–4:00pm: I am typically in back to back meetings when I am in the office either discussing our content strategies, marketing meetings, financial meetings or planning out our upcoming events.

5:30pm: I head home to sit with Liv while she has dinner and play with her until bedtime. She has become an expert in picking out my pajamas.

8:00pm: After a long day of shooting and meetings, I typically order in either from Ethos, Marinara Pizza or The Smith.

9:00pm: Unbox any new packages and show them on IG story. Before heading off to bed, I answer any emails that I didn’t get to throughout the day. 



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