At Home With: Malini Murjani, Designer & Founder

Introducing At Home With, a new series where we virtually visit our members and catch up on their current normal. From recommended reading and podcasts to creative recipes and wellness routines, get to know the network--and maybe even come away with a little activity inspo.

First up, meet Malini Murjani, an NYC-based consultant, designer and the founder of MMCurate. She shares how she's made the best of sheltering in Manhattan, taking the downtime to further develop her business and discover a newfound love for getting creative in the kitchen with her daughter. 

What’s your usual location, and where are you currently sheltering in place?

I am currently at home in Tribeca. I have an outdoor space that we finally had time to furnish and fill with plants that feels like an extension to my bedroom. I have also gone to escape out East with close friends that have kept us closer to nature — very much needed!

Any new pastimes or creative outlets?

Like most COVID-fueled trends, I have been doing a lot of scratch cooking and baking with my daughter. We love healthy dishes, and are now obsessed with trying recipes from some of the restaurants we have missed these past months and mastering our favorite Indian dishes. When not homeschooling or working I have been making the time to journal, draw and redecorate areas of my home (Marie Kondo vibes) which keeps me both busy and stress-relieved.

Do you have any favorite podcasts, books, newsletters, etc.?

I listen to 'The Daily' and sound meditations with 'The Dojo Upstate' — which I love. I am currently reading 'When Things Fall Apart' by Pema Chödrön, a timely book to read at this moment. I am also on a constant search for new brands and products for MMCurate, too many to list!

What’s keeping you going right now?

My day gets off to a positive start with a 9 AM virtual meditation with 4 friends, followed by a workout or yoga class.

I am using this time to develop new MMCurate partnerships and evolving the site into a consulting-based business model. For us, ShopMMCurate served as a benchmark, and we are now confident that we can help clients better navigate the complex brand-retail landscape.

Also, my 9 year old daughter — she is the ultimate quarantine buddy!

What do you miss most from pre-pandemic life?

Traveling — I am dreaming of being in Europe!

Best advice you’ve received lately?

Despite the circumstances that we are currently facing as a global community, I continuously read about great acts of love and kindness. And the following quote really resonated: "What feels like the end is often the beginning."



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