Alle fister


Alle Fister, Founder

Alle Fister started her career at e-commerce juggernaut Shopbop, where she ran the company’s publicity efforts. Shopbop’s sale to Amazon was the catalyst for her starting Bollare Communications, now a bi-coastal agency representing over 120 beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands.

We met Alle in her hometown Los Angeles and found out about how she built the business and some of the people and things that have inspired her along the way.

What does your company do?

Bollare works with accessories, beauty, fashion, & lifestyle clients, to place their product with celebrities, digital influencers and media properties.  

How did you start the business? What were you doing at the time?

I was on the early team of women’s online retailer,, helming the site’s publicity efforts. 
  Ten years ago my initial employer, Shopbop, was purchased by Amazon and in this transition I formed Bollare, with Shopbop as my first client. We have scaled to 65 team members between four offices and I could not be more proud of my team and what we’ve built!    

Did you have any mentors or people who inspired you along the way?

Many! Most namely:  
Bob Lamey: founder of Shopbop  
Don Popkes: my husband, and amazing entrepreneur  
Joe Milano: former VP of Shopbop  
Mike Fister: my father and the most inspiring leader  

How has the PR business changed since you started out?

I was very fortunate to commence my career with a digital focus (working for e-commerce start up, Shopbop) so I always had a focus on digital, but the focus on the digital landscape has certainly escalated, and with my appreciation for the category, I am incredibly proud of the digital engagement, projects and relationships we’ve driven as an agency.  

What are some of your current projects that you’re excited about?

Oh man, there are so many!  Tori Praver x Alice and Olivia.  A retrospective for Kevyn Aucoin.   Some incredibly cool upcoming launches for VANS.  O’Neill x Cynthia Vincent - a capsule forged by Bollare and the resulting press planning is very fun!  

What have been the greatest challenges and rewards of your career thus far?

Each day, week, month, there are challenges, namely around the growing opportunity and challenge that comes with scale, but every now and again I let myself step back and say well, that was pretty cool…   MY favorite moments are hands down when a team member has that moment of…heck, I just did that…and seeing their personal pride and confidence makes me incredibly proud!  

How do you plan to grow and develop your agency in the future?

My goal is to provide the most thoughtful and compelling environment which continues to attract the most amazing brands and fantastic team!        


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